Firdavs Saidvalizoda


Phone: + (996) 312 960 100

Mobile: + (996) 550 57 50 50


Firdavs Saidvalizoda is a graduate of the Tajik National University and a lawyer in the field of international and national business law and international arbitration.

He is the Director of “Student Service Center”, since April 2019 he has been working as the National Consultant in OSCE, Tajikistan. For eight years, he has provided consulting services in the Republic of Tajikistan, advised managers and executives of various companies on a wide range of issues in the field of financial and legal activities.

His professional activities are primarily focused on advising clients on legal issues, as well as providing quality legal analysis and justification of the prospects for development and use of organizational and economic solutions, taking into account the subject area and client’s problems.

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