Jomart & Co has extensive and experience in successfully representing and individuals and legal entities at all stages of litigation proceedings. 

We are proud of all aspects of our practice in legal representation, and therefore, when representing the interests of our clients, we provide an integrated approach to achieve the best result within the framework of tasks set by the client.

We offer the following services in relation to the resolution of disputes in court:

  • Pre-trial dispute resolution;
  • Preparation of legal opinions;
  • Judicial representation and advocacy in all practice areas, including civil, administrative, economic and criminal cases;
  • Representation, advice and support in enforcement proceedings;
  • Preliminary assessment of the prospects of a case and the development of winning case strategies.

Representation in courts is also carried out in the following categories of disputes:

  • Construction disputes;
  • Corporate disputes;
  • Administrative disputes;
  • Land and housing disputes;
  • Property disputes;
  • Disputes regarding compensation and recovery of losses;
  • Contractual and commercial disputes;
  • Other categories of trials arising from civil, economic, administrative and family legal relations.