Immigration Law

Immigration Law

Today, the global market opens up new prospects for foreign investors who are involved in various projects, invest in the economy and establish business contacts with representatives of the business community.

In this regard, Jomart & Co is always ready to provide legal services related to the preparation of relevant documents related to travel and accommodation, as well as travel issues faced by foreign and Kyrgyz citizens in the Kyrgyz Republic and Europe.

Immigration law is a category of law governing the movement people; It covers issues of immigration, emigration, internal migration and temporary residence of a person. In a complex system of measures of domestic and foreign policy of any state, immigration policy occupies an independent place.

It is therefore necessary to be guided by both national and international legislation when rendering advice in this complex field. Our specialists, who know all subtleties and nuances of immigration law, will help you understand the issues of any complexity.

To address immigration issues, we provide the following services:

• Advice on all issues of immigration law (migration registration, work permits, temporary residence permits, residence permits, etc.);
• Supporting legal entities in obtaining permits to attract and retain foreign human capital;
• Liaising with all relevant authorities on behalf of the client regarding immigration issues;
• Drawing up visa applications and invitations for obtaining visas for foreign citizens;
• Preparation of foreign documents for use on the territory of European countries and the Kyrgyz Republic (for example, translation services, notary services, etc.).