Digital Law

Digital Law

The rapid development of information technologies and the expansion of their spheres of application make it necessary to create new approaches in addressing legal issues.

JOMART & CO has unique experience in providing legal support to projects and organizational and management activities at various levels in the technology industry. Our team provides effective solutions to legal and commercial problems relating to the creation and use of information technology faced by all relevant stakeholders.

In the current age of information, a new generation of innovative technological solutions is flooding the market, most of which are increasing human interconnectedness. Technologies such as artificial intelligence, distributed computing, big data harvesting, and blockchain technology are revolutionizing the world. This revolution ushers with it a host of potential legal issues, including data protection and privacy concerns, censorship issues, identity theft, and cyber crimes.

Promising digital solutions are being introduced by both a newly created business (start-ups) and established corporations. However, any new technologies must comply with the applicable legal framework.

We specialize in providing advice on all potential legal issues arising out of the information technology industry, including technology regulation, intellectual property issues, the use of personal data, as well as advice in the field of corporate, commercial, antitrust, tax, or any other branch of law that relates to the functioning of the information technology industry.

Our technology and digital law practice include following legal services:

E-commerce support services

Launching various online services and platforms is an incredibly complex endeavor and requires experience in many areas. Jomart & Co provides clients with fully managed solutions and helps them resolve all relevant legal issues. Our E-commerce support services include:

  • Development of e-commerce contract procedures;
  • Advice on peculiarities of advertising on the internet or managing online payments services, etc.
  • Analysis and advice on the peculiarities of relevant regulations in various business sectors.

Cyber security protection services

Transitioning to digital business processes multiplies the amount of data generated by organizations, their partners and customers. Information has become a very important element of today’s integrated business system, and its value to organizations is constantly growing. Digitalization of business has made companies vulnerable to new threats, which contribute to the urgency of maintaining effective cyber security and data protection policies.

Within the framework of cyber security, we provide the following services:

  • Legal risk analysis and requirement prioritization;
  • Audit of legal risks associated with critical information infrastructure facilities;
  • Building an effective system for protecting commercial trade secrets and know-how;
  • Advising on the collection, processing and transfer of personal data.

Information Technology and Intellectual Property

As part of our solutions for legal issues in intellectual property and information technology, we provide the following legal services:

  • Establishment of an effective system for the protection of intellectual property objects owned by the company (patents, trademarks, domain names, software rights);
  • Consultation on the conclusion and execution of licensing agreements (including open licenses), franchising agreements, software development agreements, agreements on assignment of exclusive rights and other agreements involving intellectual property objects;
  • Consultation on the customs-related aspects of intellectual property transactions;
  • Comprehensive legal due diligence of rights to intellectual property objects;
  • Negotiation and settlement of disputes regarding the protection of intellectual rights.