Corporate Law

Corporate Law

Jomart & Co has significant experience in resolving all issues and relationships arising during the establishment and functioning of legal entities, including the preparation and verification of all legal documents, as well as advising the organization’s management regarding the legal nuances of transactional and corporate law. 

We advise and support a wide range of clients on corporate law issues at all stages of the business life cycle.

Corporate disputes are conflicts arising from relations associated with the management and control of legal entities, as well as relations between persons who are able to directly or indirectly influence the activities of a legal entity.

Realizing that each company faces various opportunities and challenges in the field of corporate law – ranging from the optimization of the structure of the enterprise to its liquidation – our firm is always ready to provide professional legal services in all matters relating to corporate law with assured high-quality support, which minimizes entrepreneurial risks and ensures compliance with all state requirements. Our activities include:

  • Advising on business activities;
  • Assistance in the registration of legal entities of any form as well as individual entrepreneurs;
  • Preparation of corporate legal documents and contracts, assisting with statutory compliances;
  • Registration of patents, licenses, certificates, etc.;
  • Providing specialist support in the restructuring or liquidation of legal entities, including in bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Protection and respresentation of client interests in corporate disputes;
  • Conducting  audits and due diligences of legal entities, assessing the legal risks of buying and selling businesses;