International arbitration

JOMART & CO offers a full range of services and representation in international dispute resolution. With unique experience in international arbitration, we represent the interests of our clients in all arbitration institutions under all major arbitral rules. As part of our non-contentious alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services, we advise upon and handle negotiations, mediations, and hybrid dispute resolution processes



JOMART & CO has extensive and experience in successfully representing and individuals and legal entities at all stages of litigation proceedings. We are proud of all aspects of our practice in legal representation, and therefore, when representing the interests of our clients, we provide an integrated approach to achieve the best result within the framework of tasks set by the client



Attracting any external investment in a business requires a thorough legal study of the whole process. JOMART & CO provides specialized legal advice on the protection of foreign investments and investor’s rights. Protecting the interests of investors and implementing investment projects in the most optimal way using simple and effective mechanisms are our main goals within the framework of our services directed to companies involved in international investments



JOMART & CO provides services to ensure the effective negotiation and drafting of international contracts covering the full range of commercial and business activities. Our lawyers possess all the skills necessary to conclude contracts within a variety of trades and industries, including the framework of FIDIC model contracts, the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG), the Incoterms, and the UNIDROIT Principles

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JOMART & CO provides services for the preparation and maintenance of public-private partnership (PPP) projects that are aimed at attracting private investors to solve socially significant problems on mutually beneficial terms. We provide services covering all stages in the implementation of PPP projects in the Kyrgyz Republic, ranging from the commencement of negotiations to the full implementation of projects with comprehensive financial, economic and legal support



JOMART & CO has significant experience in resolving all issues and relationships arising during the establishment and functioning of legal entities, including the preparation and verification of all legal documents, as well as advising the organization’s management regarding the legal nuances of transactional and corporate law. We advise and support a wide range of clients on corporate law issues at all stages of the business life cycle



JOMART & CO has extensive experience in providing legal services in the fields of finance, banking, and foreign exchange regulation. Practical experience in this area gives us the opportunity to provide full legal support to individuals and legal entities including banking institutions, microfinance and microcredit companies, financial institutions, credit unions, and exchange bureaus. Said experience also allows us to achieve the best results for our clients



JOMART & CO has considerable experience in the key area of conducting comprehensive legal due diligence, which is an essential component for ensuring the appropriateness and security of corporate transactions. At the request of our clients, we conduct a comprehensive and thorough assessment of proposed commercial transactions in order to determine the degree of risk associated with the establishment of a company’s business and corporate activities

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Professional sports is a complex and rapidly changing business. At present, it is generally accepted throughout the world that sport has its own unique structure, and sports-related disputes should be resolved in accordance with this unique structure and the discipline of “sports law”. JOMART & CO, with its unique experience in advising on the sports business and sports activities, can help clients minimize the legal and commercial risks they may be exposed to, both locally and internationally



Today, the global market opens up new prospects for foreign investors who are involved in various projects, invest in the economy and establish business contacts with representatives of the business community. In this regard, Jomart & Co is always ready to provide legal services related to the preparation of relevant documents related to travel and accommodation, as well as travel issues faced by foreign and kyrgyz citizens in the Kyrgyz Republic and Europe

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The rapid development of information technologies and the expansion of their spheres of application make it necessary to create new approaches in addressing legal issues. JOMART & CO  has unique experience in providing legal support to projects and organizational and management activities at various levels in the technology industry. Our team provides effective solutions to legal and commercial problems relating to the creation and use of information technology faced by all relevant stakeholders

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